green smoothies constipation and gasGas and constipation; two subjects we rarely discuss yet seem to be ‘flatuated’, oops, I mean infatuated with – and for good reason, especially as we get older.  Always good to make sure the plumbing is in order I always say.

So why is it when we start drinking something as healthy as green smoothies every day does our body seem to respond in the opposite way we expect? I know I experienced headaches, constipation, and a severe lack of energy when I started on my green smoothie regime a year ago.

Bloating, constipation, gas, and even weight gain are all possible when beginning to drink smoothies.  “Yahoo! where do I sign up?” I can hear some of you saying right now.

There always seems to be consequences associated with change and our bodies are no different. It has craved the newfound nutrition we are feeding it since day one, and now that it’s getting nourished properly, our body is beginning to clean itself of all the toxins and sludge that’s been accumulating for years, probably decades.   The negative side effects experienced during this time are the result of that cleaning out process as everything gets stirred up and moved around inside.

Constipation is most likely the result of the colon and intestines starting to break down and release hardened material that has lined its walls for a very long time. Since there is over 30 feet of intestines and colon in our body, that’s a lot of released material that can accumulate and clog up  (for a short period of time).

Not only that but every other organ in our body is beginning their house cleaning process as well and there are only a few ways to get rid of the accumulated trash – nose, mouth, eyes, skin, or colon. Again, more constipation and gas. But to coin another appropriate saying, “This too shall pass.” Literally. Winking smile


Increase your intake of water and get plenty of rest to help the peristaltic process (movement of waste through the intestine and colon) do its job and speed the process of elimination.  Make sure you are not eating high fat foods along with your green smoothies as that will cause bloating and constipation too.

Soon, the benefits of your green smoothie diet will begin to show positive results. Without being too graphic, your bowel movements will become more frequent (as they should since we eat three meals a day) and be without any strain. As a side note, it will also look like asparagus – sorry for the visual.  Sick smile

The gas may continue for several months however as the body continues to eliminate waste and toxins that have accumulated everywhere. Unfortunately, you may notice a pretty noxious odor associated with this gas as well – at least I did.  However, I did manage to get voted “least popular” in my household two months running.  Smile

Eventually, I promise you everything will work itself out and soon there won’t be any gas or plumbing issues… it will all be worthwhile. The pipes will be clean and working at peak efficiency ASSUMING you don’t stuff the same kinds of food back in with the same amount of regularity. Moderation is key.

It’s important to remember you didn’t get your body in such sad shape overnight and your body can’t reverse the effects of your previous eating habits overnight either.

Along with gas and constipation you may notice an increase in headaches, zits or red patches of skin, the sniffles, sneezes or coughs, and possibly even an increase in mouth odor (a polite way of saying bad breath). These are all normal and a result of your body getting rid of poisons in the way it was designed to do.

One way you can help with odors is to add several sprigs of cilantro to your smoothie every day. Cilantro has  natural internal cleansing properties and also helps clean your breath. Watch out though, it’s strong distinctive flavor can easily overpower a smoothie, so start easy and build up slowly when adding it to your drink.

I realize some of the side effects when beginning to drink green smoothies sound pretty unpleasant, and frankly, they can be. Especially when you’re doing all this to improve your health.

Just think of it as a massive housecleaning party.  There are going to be lots of little messes made and dust kicked up during the cleanup.  But, the end result will be something clean, beautiful, and pleasant smelling. You’ll be able to look back and say it was well worth the effort, and small discomfort.

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